on May 8, 2018 Vote for

Patrick J. Quinn

For 7th U. S. District Representative

I am Pro-Life, and Pro-Gun, less government, constitutional conservative.

I believe marriage is to be between one man and one woman.

I believe being elected to office is a Civic Duty; Not a career!!

I believe the US Military should be the best military in the world, and second to none.

I have actual planned out plans and a real vision for the future of our great country.

I am against common core.

I am against the Affordable Health Care Act. It really is not very affordable.

I want to get schools back to teaching our next generation, not wasting money on day care programs.

I am against all un-vetted immigration; and amnesty for those already here.

I believe we should have a much simpler tax code.

I believe we should eliminate the IRS and the Federal Departments of Education and the EPA, and a few others.

I have well thought out, sound ideas to get Ohio and the rest of the USA, to be a better place for Americans than ever before.

It will be an honor, to be elected by the people of Ohio's 7th U. S. District.