on May 8, 2018 Vote for

Patrick J. Quinn

For 7th U. S. District Representative

I am Pro-Life, and Pro-Gun, less government, constitutional conservative.

I believe marriage is to be between one man and one woman.

I believe being elected to office is a Civic Duty; Not a career!!

I am the only candidate in this race with an actual plans and real vision for the future.

I am against common core. I am against the Affordable Health Care Act. It really is not very affordable.

I want to get schools back to teaching our next generation, not wasting money on day care programs.

I want us to start using technology as a way to reduce the overall cost of education.

I am against all un-vetted immigration especially of those originally from the middle east; except for Israelis.

I am against Illegal immigration; and amnesty for those already here.

I believe we should have a much simpler tax code. That takes an hour at most for anyone to fill out. Not needing an account to take care of your personel taxes.

I believe we should Eliminate the IRS and the Federal Departments of Education and the EPA as well as a few more.

I believe the US Military should be the best military in the world, and second to none. That is why we should not have such distractions as gays and transgenders in the military.

I have well thought out, sound ideas to get Ohio and the rest of the USA, to be a better place for Americans than ever before.

It will be an honor, to be elected by the people of Ohio's 7th U. S. District.